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Mini Acoustic Underwater Air Signal


  • Suits all standard inflator mechanisms
  • Audible range of 150 to 600 feet underwater
  • Audible range of approx 1000 feet in air
  • Minimal air consumption
  • Distinctive powerful low pitched buzz

Mini Acoustic Underwater Air Signal

The Sopras Sub Mini Acoustic Signaling Device is a diver to diver signaling device, designed for simple quick contact with your buddy – at an affordable price and at distances easily over 300 feet! Gone are the days of reaching for your knife to tap on your tank then fumbling with the slate to communicate your message. Now SIMPLE CODES can pass your message instantly.

The ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED signaling device connects inline with your power inflator, with the control button positioned so the divers hand automatically locates on it and activates it with ease – even in zero visibility. The Sopras Sub Mini Acoustic Signaling Device sub-surface signaling device provides you with a useful communication and safety tool.

You can pass your message instantly through your inline power inflator. You and your buddy can even set up simple codes for additional communications thoughout your dives. A powerful low piched buzz does all the work for you. All at the press of a button. The Sopras Sub Mini Acoustic Signaling Device has been engineered with efficiency and the highest priority.

To achieve the necessary power levels, the Sopras Sub Mini Acoustic Signaling Device utilises Power Valve Technology (PVT). The PVT is the heart of the system that synchronises the delivery of pressurised air to a reciprocating piston, cycling at 18,000 rpm. The PVT delivers snap-action control of compressed gas energy for an instant high powered acoustic signal with at absolute minimum air usage. The Sopras Sub Mini Acoustic Signaling Device is designed to last, with all high speed components, including the PVT system, machined from self lubricating, space age polymers, for light weight, low wear rate and long CORROSION FREE life – qualities that metal components simply cannot match. TheSopras Sub Mini Acoustic Signaling Device is also fitted with and acoustically optimised exhaust valve to protect against sediment intrusion.

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