Sopras Sub LZ1000 BCD Jacket Style Zip Pockets Weight Integrated


  • Single Tank Adapter
  • Hard Plastic BackPlate with Soft backplate Pad
  • 3 Stainless Steel D Rings
  • Two Cylinder Straps
  • 30lbs/ 13 kg lift
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LZ1000  BCD Hard Plastic Backplate

This Set up is a jacket style BCD 14 litres / 30,  lbs either in black/red or black/pink. It features double cylinder straps with hard plastic buckles, extremely flexible oval inflator hose.It has a hard plastic backplate to reduce weight and is perfect for travel. The back plate is padded. The jacket includes two zip pockets and weight pockets. There are three Stain Steel D rings on the shoulder straps.

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