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Pneumatic SpearGun


  • Pneumatic Operation with SS Shaft ( spear)
  • Carrying Case and Line for the Shaft
  • Air Pump and Manual
  • Loading Handle

The Sopras Sub Pneumatic Speargun is the result of experience with pneumatic pearguns. The superior performance of Sopras Sub’s spearguns with 11-mm internal barrel and the excellent reliability of our spearguns, combined with careful attention to even the smallest detail, have made it possible to create the best pneumatic gun on the market. The Sopras Sub’s nose cone is reinforced with a steel cord sheath, while the muzzle is compact and ultralight for better buoyancy and hydrodynamics. Highly sensitive release mechanism with connecting piston between the trigger and the 1.5-mm release cog. Trigger sensitivity regulation system and ergonomic handle with highly visible white butt. Has Sopras Sub safety catch. Available in 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, and 130-cm sizes. All with power adjusting system.

Pneumatic Gun Size

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