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Sopras Yolk Regulator Package Chrome 1st Andromeda 2nd Stage Button Gauge & Regulator Retainer


  • Sopras Tek Diana INT Standard Chrome Yolk 1st Stage
  • Sopras Tek Andromeda 2nd Stage Regulator 28 in. Black Rubber Hose
  • Sopras Tek Button Gauge
  • Sopras Sub Regulator Retainer

The Sopras Yolk Regulator Package is an amazing kit to use as a stand alone regulator for regular dives or to use with your pony bottle. This package includes the Sopras Tek Diana INT Standard Chrome Yolk 1st stage with 3 LP and 1 HP. The Sopras Tek Andromeda 2nd stage with a 28″ black rubber hose. A Sopras Tek Button Gauge has been added to make seeing how much air you have left in the bottle easier. A Sopras Sub regulator retainer also comes with this package.

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