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  • Attaches between regulator 2nd stage and LP hose
  • Increases comfort and hose streamlining
  • Helps reduce jaw fatigue
  • Fits standard LP Regulator hoses
  • 9/16-Inch M x 9/16-Inch F

Sopras Sub Adapter 110 Degree

The Adapter 110┬áDegree attaches between the regulator second stage and its low pressure hose routing the hose down the diver’s chest and/or under the arm, which increases comfort and streamlining. This low-profile adapter is not an omni-directional swivel and so it maintains its angle and will not allow the regulator to flop around. Sidemount divers use the 110 Degree Adapter to route their hoses down their chest to the bottles eliminating the need to route the hose around the neck. Some people prefer the 110 degree adapter because it angles the hose slightly away from the neck and face.

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