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Paint Ball Filler Adapter Yoke QD Fill


  • Scuba Tank to Paintball Tank Filler Adapter
  • Attach to All K-Valve Yoke Style Scuba Cylinder
  • Stainless Steel – Quick Disconnect Fitting
  • Durable Chromed Brass and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Push-Button Bleed Valve
  • Simple to Operate
  • 300bar – 4500psi

Sopras SubĀ Paint Ball Filler Adapter

Want to fill your Paintball Gun with a Scuba Cylinder? Sopras SubĀ Paintball Filler Adapter allows you to fill your Paint Ball Gun with a Yoke Scuba Cylinder. Made for Trans-Filling Paintball Cylinders from Scuba Cylinders and easily attaches to Yoke Scuba Valves. Filler Adapter has a Stainless Steel, Quick Disconnect attachment to Paintball and Push Button Bleed.

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